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The man behind the voice...

Robert Fisher

Friendly, warm, youthful, casual, “techy” and bright are just a few words used to describe his “Ryan Reynolds-esque” sound.

Robert works tirelessly from his home studio in Davenport, Iowa (just 3 hours west of Chicago) to bring his client the best voice work available. 

With a background in audiobooks, theater, military experience, and extensive work in the corporate/industrial environment, he is able to utilize his extensive knowledge to provide excellent products in the most timely manner possible.

Bringing the world to life...

...Through the Wonders of Voice

Robert has brought multiple audiobooks to life across various genres! From romance, to thrillers, to Sci-fi/fantasy, Robert is able to bring your text to life in the most organic and immersive way possible!

Robert has worked with multiple clients for commercial, corporate, e-learning, and digital video projects.

Ability to perform a wide range of accents including American Mid-western, American Northeastern, American Southern, British RP, English Estuary, English Cockney, Irish (general), German (general), Parisian French, and many more!

Experienced in recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio, and utilizes Izotope RX7 to bring the cleanest, most natural sound possible!

Neumann microphone with string lights
Mic with pop filter and a Digital Audio Workstation
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Studio Features

Warm Audio WA-87 microphone

Sound-proof, Acoustically Treated Space

Reaper 6 with Izotope Rx 7

Remote Direction available through:
Source Connect Pro
Phone Patch

Latest Books and Upcoming projects!

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Narration by Robert Fisher was superb, well paced and articulated, infused with emotion pertinent to the text and individually voiced … His performance alone easily deserves a five star acknowledgement.

5/5 review

The Forest by Michaelbrent Collings

Made an excellent job of narrating, including a credible Bronx accent for Aeden and an effortless portrayal of the female characters. 

5/5 review

Submit by Lexy Timms

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